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13 – Your competitors are offshoring – Should you?

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Podcasts | 0 comments

Call routing has made it a lot easier for small business to be able to offshore.

Logitech Web cams – we talk about the C930 webcam.  This is a really cool and simple piece of tech that I use for video conferencing as well as the Facebook lives that I do.  It natively supports green screen which is pretty cool.  Webcams make a big difference when you are teleconferencing and this one works really well.

Everyone should look at offshoring – it isn’t right for everyone, but everyone should have a look it.

Most companies are offshoring now, it is just whether they are a primary or secondary offshoring.  Secondary offshoring is where you use a company that is offshoring.  Primary offshoring is where you directly control a person or team offshore.


  1. Decreased costs.
  2. Flexible workplace laws.
  3. Flexibility to scale up your team.
  4. Well trained work force.

We have found that in the Philippines we have found the best English language skills and that is why we have focused on hiring there.


  1. Customer service.
  2. Data sovereignty.
  3. Control of your staff.

We look at the processes that we have move to the Philippines.

We talk about what it was that has driven us to start offshoring and the issues that can occur when you run a Small Business in Australia and how offshoring can mitigate some of those risks.

Quote:  Suvorov – Train Hard, Fight Easy.