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26 – Small Business IT Security Update

by | Oct 3, 2020 | Podcasts | 0 comments

Small Business Security Update – These are the show notes for our episode on the Australian Cyber Security Threat Report.

This episode covers the latest ACSC Cyber Threat report.  We marry this up with some real-life hackings that we have seen in local businesses and we cover how you can secure your business.

The ACSC is working to help secure the IT Infrastructure of Australia’s Small Businesses.

4 common security trends for Small Business.

  • Increasing growth of the use of Remote Desktop.  Remote Desktop has become very popular, especially with COVID-19, and this has mean that it is a lot more important to ensure that it is secure.
    • Strong Passwords
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • Lock out accounts after multiple unsuccessful attempts
    • Use a RDP Gateway
  • Internet of Things.  A lot of companies have many devices that connect to the internet.  It is important to build a list of these devices and ensure that they are secured with up to date firmware.  Unpatched IoT devices are often a way into your network.
  • Cybercrime as a Service.  It is now easier to ‘hire’ hackers as contractors to hack into competitors.
  • State based actors.  Sophisticated State-based attacks from other countries that have developed departments within their Governments to hack into other countries government departments and businesses.


  • Phishing and spear phishing.  

Have a look at this video.  It describes the best way to identify a phishing attack.  Some of our customers use it as a part of their onboarding process for new empoyees.

Another key way to decrease the risk from Phishing emails is to run phishing campaigns against your team members.  We use Sophos software to ensure send emails crafted for customers.  If an employee clicks on an email, it is reported and they are sent through to resources to help them understand what a phishing email looks like.


  • Business email compromises.
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities.

We will cover these in the next episode.

We are passionate to help SMEs develop a cost-effective cybersecurity process. Unlike many other cybersecurity companies, we believe that investing in cybersecurity should not hinder innovation and productivity, which are key aspects small businesses in this country should prioritize. Our methodology focuses on robust risk analysis, ensuring that every dollar invested in cybersecurity truly enhances the security of your business, rather than wasting money on ineffective products. To learn more about our approach to cybersecurity, please visit Cyber Security 4 Small Business.

Any questions, call the Team at Extreme Networks on 0397857162.


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