4 – The Hiring Process – Creating a system that works rather than rolling the dice hiring in your company

hiring great staff

The two top tools that I use to cut the time I spend on Facebook marketing are Facebook Pages Manager and Ads Manager.  We look at what they are and how you can use these powerful tools to conduct great marketing on your phone.

Hiring can be a huge gamble so in this Podcast we discuss some of the mistakes that we have made, and how we have evolved our processes to increase the chances of hiring the right person for your company.

There are two mistakes you can make when hiring – Hiring the wrong person and not hiring the right person.  How can you minimise these mistakes.

We talk about the importance of Reference checking.  This scary story about how reference checking saved us from making a terrible mistake. Reference check!!!

Hire slowly, Fire quickly.  We discuss this great quote and how we have evolved to practice this philosophy.

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