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Self Driving Cars will be here quicker than you think and heres why!

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Earlier this year we talked about 7 technologies that will fundamentally change small business in the next 5 years.

When I talk to Small Business Owners, the one technology that they are most sceptical about is Self Driving Vehicles.  This morning Elon Musk tweeted a short video that will probably put an end to the argument very quickly.

Tesla avoids crashThis is why Self Driving Cars will be available a lot quicker than people realise.

Posted by Sun Tzu 4 Small Business on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The radar on the Tesla detects the issue before it is visible and starts braking the car before it becomes apparent that there is an issue ahead.  The radar is actually spotting an issue in front of the car ahead.  The braking occurs so much quicker than if it would have happened with a human waiting to see the issue, process what the new information meant, decide to use the brakes and then move the foot onto the brake pedal.

Recently Elon Musk stated that any legislation that slowed the adoption of self driving cars would kill people.  This is the proof of it.

Self Driving Vehicles are one of the technologies that will dramatically  change small businesses.

There will be  a fundamental change in all of the transport industry.  Trucking companies will not require drivers, taxi companies will go and be replaced with hire car companies, which will have a lot more flexibility as fractional car ownership becomes a lot more popular.  It means that many accommodation businesses will become less popular as they aren’t required for weary drivers to stop over on long interstate journeys.  Smash repair businesses will decline as will the car sales industry.

The opportunities revolve around the empowerment of transport for those who haven’t had access to it.  The disabled, blind, elderly, and children will all now have access to vehicle transport.