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19 – Advanced Podcast Analytics and Statistics

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Podcasts | 0 comments

It can be really difficult to understand how effective your podcast is going.  Podcast statistics are a bit of an arcane art, and it is difficult to understand the relative difference in downloads between podcasts and also there are some great ways that you can find out which parts of your podcast resonate with your audience.

We look at what you can find out about your podcast from iTunes.  How important is it to get into the new and noteworthy podcasts?  What about Whats Hot?

How about getting into the Top Podcasts in iTunes.  What is the algorithm that Apple uses to create these rankings?

How important are ratings?

Libsyn statistics – what can you learn from your hosting provider?  How does Spotify impact your Libsyn statistics?

What does the breakdown of geography for your podcast mean?  How can this help you with the marketing for your podcast?

How important is the title of your podcast and how can it help you to create content that is more interesting and compelling for your podcast audience?

Have a listen to The Feed – a podcast by Rob Walch and Elsie Escobar.  They often update the stats that Libsyn see.  We use Libsyn for all of our podcasts, like many, many, many podcasters do and so they have some access to very cool statistics for podcasts.

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