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2 – Building a high performance culture in your Business

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Podcasts | 0 comments

Tech Focus:  We look at GoPros and how you can use them in your business – we use them in our IT business to grow our business.  We discuss how to use them in how you market your business and it can help to market boring companies IT companies and other professional services business.

Culture starts from hiring and moves through reviews, daily routines and all the way through to firing.  How do you embed your culture into the hiring process?

Where does culture fit in with your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), Mission, Values, 5 Year Plan, Annual plan all the way through to daily routines.

What is the intersection between technology and culture?  How can technology help you to grow your culture.

How can you use your culture to help create alignment in your organisation?  How does it fit into rewards and bonuses with your team?

We talk about a powerful story about a janitor and how we related his job to the mission of his employer  and what his part in that mission was.

We look at one interesting way that the Army uses to build a really strong culture.

Have you read the eMyth?  That is the first step in migrating from worker to leader in your business.

What is the role of the leader in building a culture.

Everything in war is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult.


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