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1 – 7 technologies which will fundamentally change small businesses by 2020

by | Oct 22, 2016 | Podcasts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Tech Focus: We look at Confluence.  Some great software, written by Atlassian, that enables team to create, store and discussion information.

1.  Self Driving Cars.  The changes in Road injury and death, as well as better road usage will mean that the introduction of self driving cars will be a lot quicker than many people expect.  Uber has already started with self driving cars on the vehicles.

2. Marketing.  Small Business owners now have access to the kind of marketing tools that only companies like Coke had access to 10 years ago.  By harnessing these tools, you can dramatically grow your company a lot quicker.

3.  Software as a Service.  Office 365, Xero and a range of other software packages are now available for a (sometimes low) monthly fee.  This great expands the types of software you can use and the price you pay for it.

3.  Automation.  There are a lot of amazing software solutions that are now available, making it a lot easier for small businesses to dramatically increase productivity.  We use Ontraport, and detail the powerful marketing campaigns that can be automated using software like this.

5.  Drones.  Drone deliveries are going to make big difference for local small businesses.  Dominoes has already tested drone delivery and it will arrive very quickly.

6.  Big Data.  What is Big Data and how did Target use it to identify women in the first trimester of pregnancy.  What does this mean for small business owners and how can you harness the power of big data?

7.  Internet of Things.  How will your industry be affected by the Internet of Things?  What are the risks and what are the opportunities?

We look at a great Sun Tzu that will enable you to win every one of a hundred battles that you my face.