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28 – Free and easy Marketing Technology for your Small Business

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Podcasts | 0 comments

We discuss free and easy to use marketing technology that small business owners need to at least know about, if not use, to market their businesses successully.

Marketing is one of the key things in any business because it generates the highest return on investment. Today, we have marketing tools that are free and readily available to every small business owner that you should be using if you want to make better returns.

In this episode, we will go through different MarTech (marketing technologies) you need to know about, and which ones you should use to make the most out of your marketing budget.

What is the most common mistake small businesses make with marketing technologies?

The biggest mistake a small business could make is not running ads; or when they do, they have a marketing budget that allocates for ads alone. In actuality, it must also include costs for the marketing team, content creation, and the technology tools that will be used.

What are some marketing technologies available for small business owners?

Here are some free and user-friendly tools to start building your marketing and growing your profitability:
● WordPress
A powerful tool where you can build and host your own website, WordPress is also the world’s most popular platform. You can customize and make changes to your website on your own.

● Yoast
This incredible SEO tool works with WordPress and helps define which keywords your business would be ranking for. These are what customers would likely type into Google in order to have your business shown as a search result.

● Google Analytics
Google Analytics lets you know how your business is performing. It would tell what is your landing page—on what page a customer finds you (home page, form index, etc.)—and that is what your page is ranking for. It also shows your trend analysis, campaign effectiveness, and demographic. It is free and moderately simple to use.

● Piwik Analytics
Piwik Analytics gives a more in-depth account of what actions people on your site are taking, and this makes a big difference in conversion rates. For example, in time-sensitive businesses such as restaurants, you can offer assistance to the customer at the exact time when they’re on your site and thinking about your product.

● Magento
This e-commerce plugin tool is a bit more advanced but it is ideal if you want a shopping cart feature on your site. It would however require hours of work, especially when adding all of the products in.

Sending emails to give information and build relationships with your customers is another way of marketing that can be easily done through Mailchimp. Likewise, prospective clients can also sign up for your newsletter here. It’s a freemium service, so for fewer email recipients, it’s free and you can just upgrade the service later on.

● Google Search Console
Another slightly advanced but equally important tool, the Google Search Console will tell you how all your ticks and keywords you are ranking for are performing, along with other key diagnostics such as the speed of your website. It also tells you what things your web developers could fix to make the site run quicker and be ranked preferentially by Google.

The power is in your hands to be able to create amazing content. The key is picking a few marketing technologies that you will concentrate on to get the highest return on investment possible.


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