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29 – Martech – Marketing Technology that’s free and easy to use to grow your small business

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Podcasts | 0 comments

We discuss the Martech – Marketing Technology – that we use to run our marketing campaigns.  Mostly free and easy to use, these are the tools you should be looking at to see if they fit into your marketing plan, so that it can achieve the goals set out by your business plan and personal plan.

In the last episode, we started talking about free and easy-to-use marketing tools you can use to drive profitability in your business. This is part 2 of the series and in this episode, we will be covering more helpful tools you can use for more successful marketing results.

What are CRM systems?

At some point, you will want to have a decent CRM system to track and improve your productivity onboarding workflow. This system helps you have plenty of touchpoints with each customer before the sales team engages with them. It can automate emails, create workflows, and keep track of who opened which email and who visited your website. CRM systems are not free, but they are powerful tools to have.

● Infusionsoft / Ontraport
Infusionsoft is more powerful and often used compared to Ontraport, but it’s more difficult to learn. Ontraport allows linking in when someone visits your site, creating a richer engagement process with your customers.

● Facebook retargeting / Google AdSense
This lets you reach a different group of people that you might not do through searching alone. Make sure to have Facebook Pixel on your website first so information will be sent back to Facebook whenever someone visits your website.

You can then start building a funnel through this by retargeting your audience with new content and then retargeting them later with something more interesting, based on their engagement with the initial content. This increases the leads for the sales team and decreases the work they’ll need to do. However, Google AdSense is more expensive so getting a return on investment may not be as easy.

● Big data marketing / Artificial intelligence
This looks into the behavior of millions of people and infers information to help run your business. Most of the time, the data sets are not big enough to run big data queries, so you can have a ‘look-a-like’ audience instead. Facebook’s AI can also tune and run efficient, cost-effective campaign ads for your target audience with detailed feedback.

Here are some other tools you can use to build your audience:

● Canva / Paint.NET / Fiverr / 99designs
Canva is freemium and the best tool for in-house graphics as it has premade dimensions for social media posts. Paint.NET is another free alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You can also hire someone on Fiverr or 99designs to make your graphics instead.

This free video streaming software supports using a green screen.

● ResourceSpace
This free software helps manage your digital assets online.

● Camtasia
This is a great video editing tool, although it’s not for free.

● Ahrefs
This pay-to-use SEO analytics tool looks for keywords and sites on the web that you’re competing for ranking with, which you can use to get more website traffic.

● Mobile phone
You can easily manage all of your content creation tools on the go!

● Audacity
This free tool is great for audio mixing for quality podcasting.

Remember that you can create more value by doing the things you’re epic at. Get your website up, tell your story, monitor your analytics, and go mobile. Lastly, make sure your personal and marketing plans meet the objectives of growing your business.

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