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37 – Using AI in your Small Business for Fun and Profit

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Podcasts | 0 comments


AI or Artificial Intelligence is a concept that has been around for a long time and even being used by some industries. Although it has recently gained popularity due to it being used in the arts sector. Here are some interesting thoughts and ideas on how AI is used and some of the problems associated with it.

Handling simple design work
One of the most common things AI is used for today is in the digital art space. Here in Extreme, we used to hire a graphics designer for all our digital art content. But now, we can use the various AI software around to take care of the low-end work. The higher end work still needs an actual artist to work on it but having the ability to not worry about the low-end stuff is certainly a good change.

Early detection of failing machines
Another interesting usage of AI in a business was detecting telltale signs of imminent failure.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms
This is an area that we believe would really benefit from being automated by the AI market. Since it is mostly data that computers already process normally like numbers, prices, inventories, etc.

Aiding our healthcare providers
Another sector that could benefit from AI is by reading results. X-ray diagnoses are being done better now by an algorithm. It is more attentive, it doesn’t get tired, and it continues to learn.

Automating the factories
We could possibly see more diverse and complex robots than people in the factories of the future. Machines that could manufacture things that are a lot more complicated due to the machines having a deeper understanding of the things they are making.

Transportation and logistics
A sector that we could all see there being a real big change is in transportation or logistics. Self-driving cars are becoming a thing now and may be an important part of the future.

Some of the common discussions being thrown at the use of AI now, like the one in the arts industry, are valid. Aside from that particular one, here are some additional information that you may take into account in considering if it suits your business.

The lack of nuance and context
Sometimes the AI gets confused or lacks information like the time we asked it to generate The Cat in the Hat but in a steampunk style. It mashed the ideas of a cat, a hat, and steampunk together which indeed got a similar style, but not the specific character we asked for. It could be trained to learn those better, but it means the potential is big for it.

Lacks emotions and empathy
Doesn’t understand what kindness is. It can mimic to a degree but still says inappropriate things, so it isn’t a clever idea to put them in healthcare or customer service.

Tesla being involved in repeated number of crashes
Autopilot being involved in a significant number of crashes. Where it has misinterpreted information like stop signs, changes in traffic lights, in which it has led to the AI not reacting appropriately.

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