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38 – Top 10 AI tools for your Small Business

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Podcasts | 0 comments


The Best AI Tools for your Small Business

AI is steadily improving every day to the point that it may actually be used by people today. We have compiled a list of some of the best AI tools for your small business that may greatly benefit your operations and are also affordable.

This is a popular tool that focuses on fixing errors in writing like typos, punctuation, grammar, but on a way better level than the features in Microsoft Word or other similar apps.

Enlarging photos is always a tough task that was thought to be nearly impossible. It is a tool that mainly focuses on enlarging images without that much loss in quality. It uses algorithms to blow up images way more than normal and not result in a pixelated, blurry mess. is a colorization tool that adds color into a black and white image. The coloration isn’t perfect but it does a great job in starting the work.

This tool is a text-to-image tool that creates images from your prompts. They could be as simple or as complex as you want or have different art styles or coloring methods. One of the most flexible tools you would ever use.

Managing your media content can be daunting especially if you have amassed a large database. Using the previous tools or just taking photos with your phone could net you a lot of images. This tool will drastically help in finding appropriate images in your whole library.

ChatGPT is a simple chat app that has learned a lot from the time it has been active. You can ask it almost anything and it can have a response for you. It is an invaluable tool for general inquiries and consultations.

Murf AI
Text-to-speech tools like Murf are also important to people who are not native english speakers, have thick accents, or just shy.

Sentiment analysis
This tool analyzes text or audio to determine the person in question’s emotion or mood. It is helpful in figuring out if a situation needs to be deescalated.

Jasper AI
Jaspe AI helps its users to create content, mostly writing-based, that is good enough to be used in marketing, web content, or just general writing tasks.

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